VLC prob..

After finishing playback I can’t unmount or eject the dvd. I get the message “An application is preventing the volume ‘XXXXXX_XXX’ from being unmounted.” This doesn’t happen when I use other apps like Totem.

The only way I can unmount or eject the DVD is to restart the PC altogether.

I use VLC as my preferred app for music & video files and would also like to use it for DVD’s as well.

Please let me know if I need to supply further info…

Thanks in advance…

EDIT: I’ve also gone through the preferences in VLC, but nothing seems to help.

are you sure did you quit the player before ejecting it

You can also eject the medium from within the player,it has an eject option IIRC


Sometimes opening a terminal and typing ‘eject’ works.

Also, sometimes on one’s desktop (I’m running kde-3.5.10) and clicking on “My Computer” and then right clicking on the CD drive, one can select “eject”. … That works for me on KDE-3.5.10, but it did not function on kde4 last I tested KDE4, but that was some time back.

Thanks for your help guys,.

Yes, I did hit quit to exit programme, I couldn’t see any eject button on the VLC GUI, and finally I got this message when I typed ‘eject’ into terminal…

linux-d58s:/home/baldrick/Desktop # eject
umount: /media/XXXXX_XXXX: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
eject: unmount of `/dev/sr0’ failed

I even uninstalled, and re-installed an new copy of VLC which made no difference @ all.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated…

Did you close vlc before typing ‘eject’ ?

Yes, I did. No joy.

Kiwi Baldrick adjusted his/her tinfoil beanie to write:

> oldcpu;1950665 Wrote:
>> Did you close vlc before typing ‘eject’ ?
> Yes, I did. No joy.

Use ksysguard ( Ctrl+Esc ) to see if there are any bits of vlc left
running or zombied, if so see if they can be killed.

\or you could open a terminal and use top to do the same thing, maybe
something is still there stopping the eject command.



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