VLC plays sound, but will not display video(DVD/VOB/Other)

I just installed OS12.1 and installed VLC from the videolan site today… my issues is this, I have installed codecs that make the kaffiene player work, but I don’t like that player and prefer to use the VLC player instead…

VLC plays the sound on the DVD but will not play the video of the DVD I have other files that i have yet to test… but this is frustrating… I want this to work… I have been attempting to get this system up since my WinXP system died earlier this weekend… please if any one has done this and gotten it to work, please let me know I would live to be able to go all OS, P.S. I have used VLC on other installs of oS (10.3, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2)…

J Fender

Do not use the videolan repo, remove it
Follow this guide