VLC playlist opens via Firefox

I have a VLC playlist file with radio stations. In Dolphin it is set to open with VLC. But when I double-click that file it first opens Firefox and then (because I set in Firefox to do so) Firefox opens it in VLC.
And again, when I right-click that file in Dolphin and chose VLC - it is ok.

How to fix that behavior?

On 03/07/2013 08:16 AM, GazetaCypr wrote:
> How to fix that behavior?

you didn’t give the name of the “VLC playlist file” but lets say it
is named yourList.vlc go

Personal Settings - Configure Desktop > Common Appearance and
Behavior > File Associations > then in the block where is written
“Find file type or filename pattern” type .vlc and on the right side,
in the “Application Preference Order” single click to highlight VLC
(the application) and then use the arrow buttons on the right to move
it up in priority, above Firefox, then click “Apply”

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It is done that way. The extension is .xspf
As I said above - when I right-click on the and chose ‘open with’ on top of the list there is VLC, then some theres, and then somewhere on the bottom Firefox.
Now, when I select vlc, it runs immediately in vlc (I even have done ‘remember association for this file type’).
But when I just simply double-click the same file it runs Firefox and then vlc.

> As I said above

sorry, i did not understand you had already done that, or i would
have saved myself the trouble of typing it out so clearly…

i can’t imagine how firefox gets involved if you have VLC at the top
of that list…

read my sig caveat–you could try removing firefox from the list of
apps for .xsfp and see what happens…


Removing firefox from the list does not help.

On Thu, 07 Mar 2013 17:16:02 GMT, GazetaCypr
<GazetaCypr@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:

>Removing firefox from the list does not help.

Firefox has its own set of file associations try removing .xspf from that.