I 've install VLC from packman (opensuse 11 - gnome based), but the frontend gui is not good, I am look for frontend gui look like smplayer.

kindly help me in this regards


there are skins which you can download from the videolan site, have a look here VLC media player - Skins

Hi, thanks for your replay, I 've download WMP11.vlt file. but I could able to extract the files to usr/share/vlc/skins2 folder, ( An error occurred while extracting files.)


why not just download smplayer? It’s in the packman repo.

I really like smplayer, and I use it more than any other multimedia player on my PC … BUT having typed that, vlc does have some features that to my knowledge are not implemented in smplayer.

For example, if I wish to play a couple dozen music videos in a row, with vlc I can easily play them sequentially. I can not (to my knowledge) play them as easily sequentially with smplayer (if at all).

For vlc, my method is to simply open konqueror, and navigate to the directory with the music videos with konqueror, select the videos I wish to play, and then select open with vlc. vlc will open and play them sequentially.

If one tries that with smplayer, one gets a couple dozen instances of smplayer launched at once.

I also like vlc for opening and playing a video_ts directory, prior to burning a DVD, as a quality check. As far as I know, smplayer does not support that same sort of quality check.

BUT contrary to the original poster of this thread, I LIKE the default vlc skin.