VLC playback choppy

OpenSuse 11.4 32 bit KDE 4.6.0. History keeps repeating itself. As soon as I get used to one media player, performance degrades and I have to switch to another. For a while VLC (version 1.1.11) was my favorite but now viewing avi’s is choppy with some small delay in the audio. Xine and Smplayer work fine. I’m using on-board video and have the video output set to “X11 video output (XCB)”. Can anyone suggest what I should be investigating? Thanks.

Have you tried XBMC? Certainly if you have an ATI card, GPU rendering can help (where as I don’t believe support is there in vlc yet, and I believe you still have to build a custom mplayer)

I will be interested to see any suggestions too. I gave up on VLC player awhile ago, when I would get the delayed sound. I have stayed with Smplayer for it’s stability. Even though it lacks DVD menus.