vlc play on tow windows

#Sorry for bad my english
I install vlc player but not work error codec after install vlc-codec work vlc but when open video with vlc for me open two windows
One of the main window vlc
Another window is for video but that second window is simple (seem mpv) not show video in the main window. Show second simple window
I want play video on the main window vlc.
How can this problem be solved?

That’s a known problem with vlc in Leap, there are other threads about it and a bug report has been filed too.

See here e.g.:

How can this problem be solved?

You could try vlc-beta instead, a user reported the problem doesn’t exist there any more.
But then you’ll likely run into the Qt5.5 bug that causes the video not being resized properly.
It has been fixed already, but the fix has not been released as update for Leap 42.1 yet.
A workaround for this would be to enable “Use custom skin” though.

Thank you very much for the detailed guidance