VLC not showing video from .mkv

I am running VLC and thought I had the packman repo installed and with all the multimedia packages I needed installed, but clearly not. Could I have missed something?

I must be getting past it as the last search for this topic on this forum was from 2016 so I am having to ask.

Make sure they are installed from packman.

sudo zypper lr

to see the repo numbers

sudo zypper in -f -r 1 vlc ffmpeg-4

the -f is to force the install and the -r 1 is repo 1 where my packman repo is in the list. There will be more than 2 to install sometime 10 to 12.

The openSUSE repo does not have all the required pieces.

to lock them to packman to keep them from changing repos.

sudo zypper al ffmpeg-4 vlc

Hi and many thanks. I am proceeding slowly and the problem I have turns out not to be my packages but the way I have been trying to use yt-dlp.

If I use yt-dlp using the url I have from my browser it seems to default to an HLS stream connection. In fact I do not want the HLS stream and if I use XDM I can select one of four resolutions being offered, HLS, 720p, 360p and 480p. How do I tell ty-dlp to select the 720p file rather than trying to process the stream?

This is a bit OT for this thread so if you suggest I can start a new thread but many thanks for the help.

If you don’t want to dive into the command line options of yt-dlp, i recommend to use clipgrab (available in OSS repo). Clipgrab uses yt-dlp as underlying downloader but offers an easy to understand GUI.

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Hi and many thanks. I shall have a look at that as it may be the best option for me.
Will give it a try.