VLC not playing FLV

My VLC used to play FLV files… but for some reason it stopped being able to play it. I can sort of play it with MPLAYER; but I preffer to use VLC. I have no idea where to start looking and the almighty google hasn’t been able to give me any useful information.

Control if you have the packmanversion installed (and this means pm-versions for all connected libraries). The version on the vlc repository was known (in 3.5) to be sometimes origin of this problems. Definitively one should not mix both. So deactivate the VLC repository and try to update everything from packman.
Hope that helps.

don’t quite understand your english. But, if I interpreted it right. I did not have repo from any of the vlc sites. I did disable repos for suse kde back port stuff…

VLC package: p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } 1.0.4-0.pm.8.6

still a no go

11.1 correct

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Can you elaborate?

Can you?

If you are using 11.1 then the guide I posted will help you get things working. Follow it carefully.

Ah… I see… Use the Packman and VLC repos over the suse repos… thanx!

There is no VLC repos. There is a Videolan repos.

Actually, do NOT mix the Packman repos with the Videolan repos. That will break your VLC.

Stick with Packman only repos, and ONLY use Videolan for the package libdvdcss and then disable Videolan. I think that is stated clearly in the link caf4926 provided.

You get the idea. VLC… VideoLAN… Same command different shell.