VLC, MPlayer Slow on Playback of HD files.

So, I’m wondering why this is happening.

I can’t seem to watch 576p or 720p files without either VLC tearing and blocking or MPlayer freezing for a few frames, or stuttering. I can’t figure out why.

I have a Intel Q6600 and a GTX480 with the latest drivers on OpenSUSE 11.4. Qt 4.7.1

On VLC 1.1.8/1.2.0 I’ve tried X11 video out, XVideo video out and GLX video out. I’ve also tried enabling hardware decoding under Advanced > Inputs/Codecs > FFmpeg to no avail.

On MPlayer 0.6.9, I set my cores to 4, and and tried XVideo output and VDPAU output.

I honestly can’t figure out how I’m still not getting good performance.


What video driver are you using with your nVIDIA video card? I would suggest you load the most recent version 260.19.44 and I normally load this driver the hard way. Second, how is your multimedia setup? I have a script file called mmcheck that help check this out. You can find it here:

MultiMedia Checker or mmcheck - Check Your openSUSE MultiMedia Setup in Just 16 Steps

I have found that using the proprietary video driver and making sure all media files are loaded allows most anything to play properly. The Intel Quad Core Q6600 is a solid performed and equal to two dual core E6600 CPU’s as I remember. Your CPU and Video card should more than up to the task of playing any video files.

Thank You,

Can you point us to an example on the web of these files ?

I’m using the proprietary driver, version 270.30 which is a beta. I’ll try a rollback to 260.19.44 see if the situation improves. I also load them the hard way.

I also just tried your mmcheck the other day and everything seems to have checked out. I’ll try again to double check. :slight_smile:

And oldcpu, a few are Blurays of mine that I’ve ripped to my PC, and a few are from HD camcorders.