VLC looses Audio

VLC looses audio during playback (.iso of DVD, not encrypted)
Pretty sure this happens with .avi .mp4 etc… also (can’t check ATM)

11.4 > Gnome
Nvidia from repo

Smplayer, kaffeine both work (yes I have kde too)

Settings in VLC are default

How long do you have to wait before it happens ?

I don’t see this on 5 minute .mpg nor .avi (h264) clips with VLC on a 32-bit openSUSE-11.4 LXDE with nouveau driver. I plan to update to nvidia driver soon. VLC settings are not quite default in my case (I chose OSS as output audio mode). Hardware is an ancient nVidia FX5200 AGP card.

I’ll check on the timing to accurate but the DVD was about 1 min in.
IIRC the other day it spat dummy when being paused (space bar) and started silent. But again, I’ll check.
I’ll try the OSS output too. I had only tried ALSA.

Incidentally, smplayer on .mp4 files from the bbc iplayer downloaded with get_iplayer. After pause (space bar) sometimes doesn’t resume play. Have to hit the right arrow to nudge it and play resumes.

I just installed the 32-bit proprietary nVidia 173.14.28 driver on my sandbox PC (w/nVidia FX5200 grahics) and ran vlc on a number of videos (with 32-bit 11.4 GM). No problem. I’m still wondering if there is a time sensitivity. Again, its an LXDE desktop and I’m using the “OSS” output audio mode in VLC. I’ll post shortly version number.

oldcpu@stonehenge01:~> rpm -qa '*vlc*'

… so I can’t replicate the behavior with short 5 minute videos …

Went to the advanced view > Audio > Alsa
And selected my audio device, nothing was selected there

Works fine now
Thanks for the pointers Lee

I think I found a better solution for VLC, especially with 5.1 sound. Check PulseAudio & KDE in 11.4: What are the consequences?