VLC Is The Only Way To Go For Opensuse Default Setup

I have been using SUSE since 8.1, and I unfortunately find myself even more frustrated with playing multimedia than I did over 10 years ago.

Here is just one example:
I am trying to stream WQXR using VLC, after installing it by downloading the program at the VLC site.
When I try to set VLC as the default player for everything, this is not so easy to do.
What I did was to remove Kaffeine which was the first to start streaming the MP3.
Then Totem popped up, then SMPlayer.
One by one I removed these players from my system until the only one standing, like the last of the 10 Little Indians, was VLC.

What I wish is that Opensuse would choose to have VLC install as the default player for everything it can play,
And then also install any other players, but ensure that these players remain inactive until the user specifically OPTS IN, and turns them on.

I know everyone is working hard to make these other players as good as possible,
But, please do not get to overanxious, and curb your enthusiasm a bit.
I do not want these other players jumping in to my rescue unless I ask for it.

Why do we need 5 different players installed and ready to play audio/video?
I only want one:

V L C!rotfl!

Don’t install VLC from the VLC site use the rpms from the openSUSE repo or better packman since it has all the codecs

Assuming you use KDE (you did not say)

You can set the file association the way you want in Configure Desktop - File associations. There you can specify which program is to be used as default.

I’m sure there is a way in gnome but I don’t use that.

Yes, agree completely. Editing file associations is the way to go. Deleting applications is not necessary.

Nice graphical guide for Gnome users (if it isn’t obvious enough already)


Thank you. I installed Opensuse 13.1 default with KDE