VLC in Firefox

There must be a way to incorporate VLC into Firefox. So that it will play a .mov file in a new tab or even a .wmv.

Does anyone use VLC for this?

No I don’t use VLC

Link me to an example so I know we are on the same page

you should be able to set it just as you would for mplayer-plugin

in firefox
edit/preferences and the "applications " tab

and check


if it is installed

There is a lack of codecs:

Restricted formats/11.3 - openSUSE Community Wiki

You can do it in through Yast, but I tried the VLC plugin & it’s just not that good.
My recommendation for a media plugin with Fx is to use the gecko-mediaplayer. It’s much better & covers just about all media.
It too is in the Packman repos. Definitely use the gecko-mediaplayer you’ll be glad you did!

yes, in Packman there is a package called vlc-mozillaplugin. That will get you going :slight_smile: