VLC from repos did not work - install from the VLC site Solved it

Solved and I hope others can benefit from this.

I added repositories to my Suse 12.3 to install VLC on my system.
This gave me a bad working VLC played a few then hanged without warning.
after removing VLC and repos, I tried another repos and installed VLC again, only to get a list of error messages
(not able to … MP4 )
After removing anything to do with VLC from both repos and my system I did the oneClick install from the website of VLC.
This worked from the start.
Probably something is missing in the repositories of Suse VLC or Suse Packman

The reason of this post:: I found lots of simulair problems on the web but no solutions

The standard repos are missing “vlc-codecs” of course.
But Packman does contain it, you have to install it manually though.

And please don’t use both the VLC and the Packman repo! This can lead to problems…