VLC doesn't have MKV support?

How come openSUSE’s VLC version doesn’t have MKV support included? I can’t seem to play MKV files while it worked perfectly on my previous OS (Ubuntu).

Will I have to compile VLC myself for full support?

Thanks in advance

The thing I really hate about Ubuntu is the “let do myself” philosophy (and publish it in my blog).
NO, NO and NO. If VLC hasn’t Matroska support you don’t have to compile VLC yourself… you must open a bug report!!! This way everybody wins with the fix. It’s the same with any problem.
Now, openSUSE doesn’t has a VLC package (codec patents…). So, are you using the package from Packman or from the VLC repository? With the Packman version I can play Matroska files. If you can’t, copy here the mkvinfo (from mkvtoolnix) output of the file.

I wasn’t sure about this being a bug since I’m quite new to openSUSE and I couldn’t get an answer on the VLC forums.

I’m using the official Videolan package so I’ll try the packman version instead, I hope this is not the beta version I found in Yast.

The packman version can play my MKV files, the Videolan version doesn’t.