vlc does not play mp4 files

Hi all,
I just installed VLC but I am having a problem with an mp4 file.
As soon as I try to play it, I get a few “unsupported codec” errors.

I tried to look for packages with “codec” in the name, and I actually installed a couple of those, without success.

I found a couple of threads related to VLC problems, but none seems to be the same as my problem.

So I tried to play my video with Kaffeine. As soon as Kaffeine started up it told me that it couldn’t play some video formats due to missing pakages, and it offered to fix the problem.
Unfortunately, while fixing, it told me the needed packages couldn’t be found in the repos.

I don’t know which repos I should add. These are my current repos:

# | Alias        | Nome         | Abilitato | Controllo GPG | Aggiornamento
1 | repo-debug   | repo-debug   | Sì        | (r ) Sì       | Sì
2 | repo-non-oss | repo-non-oss | Sì        | ( p) Sì       | Sì
3 | repo-oss     | repo-oss     | Sì        | (r ) Sì       | Sì
4 | repo-update  | repo-update  | Sì        | ( p) Sì       | Sì

Anybody can help?

Thank you in advance.

You need to add the Packman repo.
E.g.: http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Tumbleweed
or any of the other mirrors:

It should be available in the “Community Repositories” list in YaST too, so you should be able to just enter YaST->Software Repositories, click on “Add”, and choose “Community Repositories”. I’m not completely sure whether this is the case in Tumbleweed though.

Then for vlc, you need to install “vlc-codecs” from there.
Kaffeine needs libxine2-codecs, also available from Packman, but it should find it automatically after you added the repo.

I would also recommend a full switch to Packman:

If you use “zypper dup”, you should better give the Packman repo a higher priority (= lower priority number in YaST).

Great! That completely fixed my problem!

I had to let zypper fix a few problems and in the end I had 5 packages changing provider:

Risoluzione delle dipendenze in corso…
Risoluzione delle dipendenze dei pacchetti in corso…

I seguenti 9 NUOVI pacchetti verranno installati:
  liba52-0 libdca0 libfaad2 libmad0 libmpeg2-0 libpostproc53 libtwolame0 libx264-142 vlc-codecs 

I seguenti 5 pacchetti stanno per essere aggiornati:
  libvlc5 libvlccore8 vlc vlc-noX vlc-qt 

I seguenti 5 pacchetti cambieranno fornitore:
  libvlc5      openSUSE -> http://packman.links2linux.de
  libvlccore8  openSUSE -> http://packman.links2linux.de
  vlc          openSUSE -> http://packman.links2linux.de
  vlc-noX      openSUSE -> http://packman.links2linux.de
  vlc-qt       openSUSE -> http://packman.links2linux.de

5 pacchetti da aggiornare, 9 nuovi, 5 con cambio di fornitore.

Also, I configured Packman with 98 priority (all the other repos have 99 priority).

Thank you wolfi!