VLC - backlight doesn't turn off after using

Running 11.2 on laptop used as stationary desktop. Normally, the backlight turns off after several minutes of inactivity from keyboard/mouse. However, once video played using VLC, the screen simply blanks while backlight stays on, until system restart. Using Totem does not have this effect, but I like VLC. Any ideas?

i think this is related to a well known problem in the version of xorg that 11.2 uses, i patched mine long ago.

after running vlc, check top/ksysguard and see if an instance of “xprop -spy” is active, if vlc is closed and it is present, then it is hung and the screensaver/powersaving features are waiting for xprop to finish and exit.

in v1.1.0 of xprop this was fixed but the update was never passed on to 11.2 users, so the choices are to patch it yourself or download the 11.3 xorg-x11-7.5-11.3.i586.rpm, extract it to a folder and copy the xprop binary to /usr/bin overwriting the existing file (this works fine, but means that an error will be in the rpm database for its checksum, which will be flagged if you are running a security program that verifies those things).

some multimedia apps instead of using xprop simply prod x11 occasionally with an event to keep the screensaver/powersaving functions at bay, so they don’t exhibit the same malfunction.

hope it helps you, good luck.

Hmmm . . . thanks for the response, but I don’t see xprop showing in top even when VLC is playing. Xprop is in my /usr/bin.

Just discovered that system restart is not necessary to get rid of the issue. All that’s needed is to close the laptop lid (is set to NOT go into standby on lid close) so that screen goes black. When opened back up, backlight goes off again after inactivity. No idea why this is, but it’s an easy enough “fix” for me.