VLC audio does not play

Whenever I use VLC to play audio or video, I get no sound and a lot of error messages in the message dialog (“main warning: audio drift is too big (467942), dropping buffer”). I have a feeling that this is due to pulseaudio, as I am experiencing a bit of lag time in other applications as well. For example, game sounds play a few milliseconds later, and when pausing flash audio, the audio still plays for a few milliseconds before stopping.

How do I fix this?

It seems to work perfectly in KDE 4.1 beta, so I am sure its some kind of sound server issue.

start VLC media player
<ctr>+<E> (tools - extended setting) -> synchronization ->advance of audio over video two times <+> (0,200 s).
If sound does not yet function then <ctr>+<p> (tools - settings) -> sound -> audio output - select your sound server