vlc 3.0.1 installation problem in opensuse 42.3 (libavcodec57(unrestricted) )

hi there

when i install vlc 3.0.1 its write me

nothing provides libavcodec57(unrestricted) needed by vlc-codecs-3.0.1-278.1.x86_64

anyone know how do i solve it?

I do not see any vlc-Package Version 3.0.1 in Packman or openSUSE-OSS for Leap 42.3.

So where do you get it from?


zypper lr -d
zypper se -s vlc

i install it from


Why that?

Videolan Repo and Packman Repo at same time is not recommended.

Post what I asked for.

i dont have Packman Repo

but thank for the info i will try from packman repo

thanks a lot

For Packman Repo and Multimedia see here: