vlc 1.1 & vdpau in 11.3rc - no vdpau output

Running 1.1 vlc with vdpau lib’s installed and vlc is not offering it as an output option (though sMplayer sees and uses vdpau)

My understanding was that with 1.1 vlc was able to use vdpau to offload to the gpu

Vlc is installed from the Packman repo

Is this correct? is it a Packman, openSuse or VLC issue?


note: if this should be in pre-rease sub-forum, mods pleas move

It should be in the pre-release :wink: Whomever packaged VLC, in this case
you need to report a bug to the packman folks…

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It appears this is a feature request NOT a bug per the Packman maintainer


> It was my understanding that vdpau was to be enabled for vlc 1.1 in
> 11.3beta/rc

Where did you read it?

> it was suggested by one of the moderators on the openSuse forum that
> I report this as a bug

Thats no bug, it’s a feature request.

> fyi - vdpau shows in sMplayer

Sure, mplayer is quit easy to build with vdpau support, just build the
free libvdpau and enable it in mplayer.

But vlc needs some more, they use VAAPI instead. Libbva, libvpx and
the nonfree nvidia driver at buildtime. Don’t know why the maintainer
of vlc doesn’t use the free vdpau wrapper like mplayer…

Try out the vlc from vlc repo.

Are there reasons to use the Packman repo instead of the VLC?

I contacted the Packman packager about this and his reponse was it was a feature request not a bug. The reason given for vdpau capability not being in Packman’s VLC rpm has to do with the build requirements. VLC uses VAAPI which requires libbva, libvpx and the nonfree nvidia driver at buildtime. As to why vdpau is available in mPlayer is because mPlayer uses the free vdpau wrapper making packaging much easier.

Contacted again by Packman packager and should be enabled in next rebuild, 1.1.0-11