VLC 1.0 one instance without enqueing

I would like my one instance of VLC to switch straight away to playing a new file when I click on it, rather than await for me to exit the other one already playing. That is how I understod ticking “Allow only one instance” and unticking “Enque files when in one instance mode”. I thought this would function with the final version of 1.0.

I am very pleased with the Windows version - which functions in this respect, but not the SuSe version:
vlc-1.0.0-2.3-i686 from Index of /pub/vlc/SuSE/11.1/

Unless you believe this is an openSUSE specific packaged limitation (that is not applicable to other Linux versions), then a place you could go to raise this observation is here: VideoLAN - Open Source multimedia and streaming solutions for every OS!

They have a forum here:
The VideoLAN Forums • Index page

I’m not at an openSUSE Linux PC so I can not check this now, but I recall it working some time back in the past for openSUSE Linux vlc packaged by packman. I also know this works for smplayer (a different multimedia application).

I am afraid I used the term “click” imprecisely. What I want to do is to use the remote control with lirc sending irexec commands like Button 1 “command = vlc /path/playlist1”. When pressing Button 2 I would like vlc to immediately switch to playlist2. This works with Windows and also with the Mandriva version of Goldeneye, but not with the Packman version either. Clicking with the mouse on a clip or link changes immediately as desired, but I would prefer using the remote control.

I have brought this up with the VideoLan Linux forum, and the suggestion is to avoid using the command line for this purpose. Suppose the remote commands are like the command line…?