VLAN Trunk problem

I’m trying configure my server for routing between vlans, but I’m having troubles with my server after that vlans are set.
I can create vlans and routing is OK, but when I trying remove a vlan, restart the network script or restart the server, the CLI freeze and then I can’t do anything. Even Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Z isn’t work.
I can use other terminal or do other SSH connection (if the network interface used by ssh isn’t crashed), but if I try use a ifconfig per example, crash again. The unique solution is restart the server.
Nothing about this is found in the log.

Can anyone help me?

Opensuse 11.4

Update: I found the bug in https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=689261
Seems that the error occurs only with the kernel “desktop”. I tried with the “pae” kernel and seems to be OK.