Vista/XP dual boot and New Suse 11 install advice

Hi, I want to install Suse 11 onto my system.
I have Vista and XP on 2 partitions, running on 2 SATA2, drives as a Raid 1 mirrored array.
I have a little experience with suse10.3 as my wife runs it on her computer. My question is: Will I be able to boot to all 3 operating systems once I have installed Suse 11? are there any things I should do first? like de-fraging in Windows safe mode before I do the Suse install. I will of course back up everything onto a spare PATA drive with Acronis before risking losing everything on my main drives. Any advise would be appreciated.

Just defrag and perform a scandisk on the partition u are about to make a new partition for opensuse to be installed.
Check this as well
Other than that,have fun!!!

you can create a new partition without problems

but…why do you need both xp and vista?

I can switch to XP or Vista if I get a problem with one of them, which happens a lot, this is the main reason I would like to try Linux.

check out swerdna’s site, he has a couple of tutorials on dual booting.

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Credit: swerdna

> Any advise would be appreciated.

see these two, at the VERY least:

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