vista with SuSE

help, i have 1 hard drive with 3 partition. the first partiton is vista, 2nd is opensuse installer, and 3rd is open suse partition( 0mb used out of 30gb).

i need to install opensuse and when it is complete, i can also have access to windows via grub of opensuse. also, ihave a question, i perform an opensuse installation on another machine and it asks me, where to mound the windows partition coz it has vista also. i select, /windows/c

and when i select to boot to windows, it redirects to opensuse installtion coz the boot files in windows were i think, i see a folder in windows drive open suse and contains initrd and something like that that causes that partition of windows to boot to opensuse…

^^ help me my dear friends

I think the BEST EXPLAINED answer out there on how to dual boot and set up your partitions correctly is in this thread:

Installation - OpenSUSE 11.0 / Win XP Dual Boot - openSUSE Forums

Good luck mate! :slight_smile: