Vista with Suse 11.1 error 82

Hello people. I’m trying to install Suse 11.1 ontop of my Vista and every time i try to install Suse i keep on getting error code 82 when it starts to partitioning the system. Has anybody had this problem before? Is there a way around it?


Try patitioning your system using vista
Disable the page file first, then defragment vista prior to partitioning. You may just shrink your vista partition to the amount you want for a linux system and just leave the amount gained unformatted.
When you go to the opensuse installation part after the shrinking of vista, opensuse will detect the unformatted partition you gained and you can format it to the way you want it to be for your new installation.

On Vista have you made sure you have deleted all your trash, temp files
etc and did a defragmentation before trying to install?

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many thanks 4 helping me out. I’m going to try and partition it through vista n i’ll let ya know. Thanks again

That’s what I did and it worked great. The tool you need is under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.