(vista or xp)? with suse 11

hii every one,
I am thinking of installing either vista or xp
along with suse 11.
(at present i only have a dummy os).
My question is …
which one should I choose?vista or xp.
heard that vista has some issues with dual boot…
and I would use windows for only those applications not supported by linux.
(should i go for the heavy vista for only doing this work?)
And which should i install suse or windows … first.
thanks in advance.

As far as choosing XP or Vista, you will find a lot more (and better) info elsewhere comparing those two. There are a lot of factors to consider, including your hardware and personal requirements or preferences. And even within Vista, the version you choose just depends (although Home Premium seems the best for most).

If on the same system with linux both XP and Vista usually work with no problem. With both, the boot can be controlled by the linux boot loader. The reverse can be done, too, but it is much easier with Vista. Actually, there is a nice tool for managing booting linux from Vista’s boot manager.

What is extremely important is to plan your disk partitions in advance. Then install Windows first, at the front of the drive. Create any other Windows partitions before installing SuSE. When SuSE installs, it will create the partitions it needs with the remaining space.