Has any one else had trouble with the indexing in kde?
Specifically virtuoso hogging the CPU

I had stock kde in 12.3
Then tried 4.10 repo

Currently disabled indexing etc…

I’ve seen it in the past, but not now, i.e. not on my laptop TW + KDE 410 repo, not on a stock 12.3, with KDE from the update repo

Since KDE comes through the Update repo as well, could it be KDE packages come from both Update repo and KDE:/Release:/410 ?

zypper dup --from YOUR_KDE_REPO_NAME

and the same for the Packman repo (since the vendor change for some of those packages will be undone by the above)

And try to run “nepomukcleaner”. That should cleanup/optimize your nepomuk database. (remove duplicates, invalid entries, …)

Nice, cheers.

Top tip - thanks