VirtualBox's module

Hi folks \o/
i’ve testing the 11.2 opensuse for a while, and i’m very pleased with it.
i’m now on milestone7, with the 2.6.31-rc9-7default kernel.
i’ve had two small problem with virtualbox.
the first one, the virtual hardrive of my windows xp make me a bsod at boot time. (the .vdi works fine on a virtualbox ose 2.1.4 on a kubuntu 9.04 at work). and i still don’t know why (why I get a bsod, not why it works on kubuntu… :slight_smile: ) nothing appear in the log files…

and the second one, less problematic… is that virtulabox don’t check when i boot a VM, that the module vboxdrv is loaded.
i tested a win7 installation, and all i got was a black screen. after a bit a reflection, i did a modprobe vboxdrv, and there we go. the installation is running.

that was just for your information. if anybody see the same problem, i would be glad to talk about it here.

great work \o/ keep on going.