I am using a IE11/Win7 appliance in the Oracle Virtualbox app to run garmin express for my garmin gps. I am a vboxuser group member. I am having difficulty changing user and group recursively on /dev. The command
sudo chown -R chief:chief /dev should do that correct? chief is my user name and I created a group chief that chief is a member of. Checking the permissions on /dev after doing this show that the user and group have changed as commanded. Checking settings on the virtualbox appliance however shows no usb devices. I have the extension pack installed. I have been unable to check the permission further down the tree /dev/bus/usb because Dolphin freezes if I try to access permissions ov /dev/bus. And also if I reboot, which I have found is necessary for the garmin to show up as a device. user and group of /dev return to root:root. I have not had this issue with other distros. Anybody have any ideas what to do here? :question: This problem may be solved in another thread, but I didn’t know what to use as a search parameter to find it. I apologize in advance if it has. :slight_smile:

I’m at least able to chown each level of the tree separately, but the settings revert after I reboot. The tree is /dev/bus/usb/007/002 with 002 being my connected Garmin. I can chown chief:chief each segment of that tree, but I can’t chown -R chief:chief /dev. When I chown chief:chief each segment of the tree the change is verifiable in Dolphin, and Dolphin does not freeze. If I reboot, however, the segments all revert to root:root. With the changes I should be able to see my device in the usb settings of the virtualbox appliance, but it is my experience that a boot is required when the changes are first made. If the changes don’t stick I’ll never get a connect.

USB access in VirtualBox is disabled by default in OpenSUSE for security reasons.
If you want it nonetheless (it’s pretty safe on your own laptop, not linked to a corporate network, say) you have to copy file /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules and uncomment the last 4 lines as shown in the file itself.
Then you have to enable USB passthrough of the “garmin” via the VirtualBox GUI.

NO NEED for changing ownership of the /dev chain, that obviously is restored on reboot.

Feel free to write back if you need further help.

Thanks mate :slight_smile: That did it. I’m surprised that the /dev chain reverted to root:root at reboot. In other distros I had to keep it at chief:chief. I log everything I do for reference again, so I will add these instructions to my log. Tumbleweed is an awesome distro and this was the only thing holding me back. Thanks again. :shake:

You are welcome!