Virtualbox vmdk possible hard drive corruption


I installed virtualbox hoping to be able to use quickbooks 2007 preimie, so as to avoid dual booting as frequently.

All went well, I had to download the version from sun and compile because I wanted to try to import my current windowsxp partition and most of the advice i found required creating a vmdk pointing to it and copying the files or some non-sense.

Anyways, the problem is I mounted my windowsxp partition with the vdmk and it wouldnt boot because of grub. So i made it the secondary drive to another install on Virtualbox. I installed quickbooks on this new install and imported some files. Tried it out for a bit. It worked. And I shut it down.

Now the problem is my orginal windows fails to boot. The Inital windows splash screen shows up. The flashes way with a BSOD saying i should run CHKDSK. Also, if i mount it under linux its blank.

So Im wondering if anyone has ever seen something like this? Any Advice?

Also, one other point. my Sony VGC-RG210G has a SATA set up which isnt capable of being seen by windows or any windows boot disk i have tried. So I cannot find a way to run CHKDSK.

I have the Ultimate Boot CD ver 4.1 and i ran the NTFSforDOS CHKDSK but it said soemthing about a missing Autochk.exe

Thanks for anything,


P.S. I am also getting a S.M.A.R.T. high temp error on both my HDDs, but no other errors and they both pass extended checks. They are running at a const 66C and 64C. I really think this is caused my case design, as my gfx card idles at around 76C

you missed the part about creating an MBR file. it’s under section 9.9.2 page 122 of virtualbox’s usermanual

insert your windows xp installation media, at fisrt start it should ask if you want to use sata/scsi/something like that driver… continue the process until you see an option that said “repair console or something like that”, select that option and you’ll be at command prompt. run chkdsk /some_options from this prompt…

sorry for the “something like that” statement. haven’t repair a windows machine in a while.

The problem with doing this is, as far as i can tell windows XP refuses to load the sata drivers from a cd or usb thumb drive and sony didnt bother to include a floppy drive on this model either.

Man I hate windows. If none of the files can be seen from linux is it still possible all the files are there? Or am I wasting my time even trying?

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the possibility is high, i say about 90% or maybe higher…
try the sony website or ask their support for the sata driver. btw how that windows installed in the first place? preinstalled?

Well, i got the sata drivers. But the windows xp cd wont look for them on a cd only a floppy. I guess, since its more likely all the data is lost anyways. Im just going to give up. I have quickbooks on a diffrent computer now, so there is no need for windows on this one.



deleting windows always fun :wink:
good luck to you then.