Virtualbox USB greyed out on OpenSUSE 12.2


I know this topic was discussed many times on earlier versions, but now that I have moved to 12.2, the issue is back.

  1. I have VBOX from the OpenSUSE 12.2 repos (v 4.1.18_OSE r78361) and extension pack (v 4.1.18_OSE r78361)
  2. USB devices filters have been created from withing Virtualbox
  3. VBOXUSERS group has read access to /dev/vboxusb
  4. My uid is in VBOXUSERS group

The USB device shows in the guest device list but is greyed out.

The fix to update /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxguest.rules that worked until 12.1 does not work anymore. The rules file looks vastly different as below:

KERNEL==“vboxguest”, NAME=“vboxguest”, OWNER=“root”, MODE=“0660” ENV{ID_INPUT}=“1”, ENV{ID_INPUT_MOUSE}=“1”
KERNEL==“vboxuser”, NAME=“vboxuser”, OWNER=“root”, GROUP=“users”, MODE=“0660”

Appreciate any advice/ideas anyone has to fix this.


You modofied the wrong file! Just uncomment the last two lines in /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules file and reboot.

Install the Extension pack. An easy what to to this is to install the package vmscripts from my repo and type this command as root after each VirtualBox update:

If the latest Extension pack is already installed, nothing happens:

# VBoxExtensionPack 
Extension Pack already installed

You need the Extension Pack for USB to work.

See here on how to install vmscripts but use the 12.2 repo (the example in this thread still uses 11.4):

  • Sorry. You have the extension pack already. Then please disregard!

Thanks simico, but there is no 60-vboxdrv.rules file in 12.2

Based on some advice from VBOX forum, I have now installed vbox from the vbox site and it works perfectly.

Thanks; as you noted, I have the extension pack.

Then something happened to your system, because in a default openSUSE 12.2 DVD install with VirtualBox that file surely exists! I know it because I had the same problem as you and all I had to do is uncomment those two lines in the existing 60-vboxdrv.rules file.

If we’re talking about Oracle VirtualBox, it is 10-vboxdrv.rules
This file is created by the function install_device_node_setup of VirtualBox postinstall scriptlet.

# install_device_node_setup contains some aliases for unit testing purposes.  # Set them to their normal values here.
udev_rule_file=**/etc/udev/rules.d/10-vboxdrv.rules** # Set this to /dev/null
                                                  # for unit testing

I don’t have the repo version to check this now.
However the VBOX site version does not have 10-vboxdrv.rules either.


It definitely does. But this file is not included in the rpm package. You won’t see it by listing the package content with this command:

# rpm -ql VirtualBox-4.2

But you can see that the postinstall scriplet creates it if you look at the output you get from this command:

# rpm -q --scripts VirtualBox-4.2

How di you install Oracle VirtualBox?
I suggest using the method consisting of typing: vboxlive --install, after installing vmscripts from my repo - and you will get this file - unless it didn’t get created on your system for some reason.

Sorry, you are right, I looked at the guest by mistake.
I installed from RPM from VBOX site. Anyway, it works perfect, so I will not go back to the repos for now.

Thanks for your help anyway.