VirtualBox upgrade on SuSE 11.0


I want to upgrade the default VBox 1.5.6 to the latest one.
I downloaded the rpm from virtualbox home page.

I don’t know what do I have to do.
After rpm -Uvh *.rpm I got many conflicts with the present version.

And what about these rpms?

My kernel is newer:

I know -kmp-* consists of kernel modules. And the two others?


Remove the old OSE RPM completely (but don’t remove the VDIs or XML VM description files) and install the PUEL version from scratch. You’ll also need to install other packages to compile the vboxdrv module. See another thread for the link to the howto at the OpenSUSE Wiki.

Thanks for your information!
I setup SuSE repository for VirtualBox and I upgraded my VBox with Yast.

Just be aware that’s the OSE version and that one needs to be updated whenever the kernel is updated. Whereas the PUEL version needs to be recompiled whenever the kernel is updated. I wish vboxdrv didn’t depend on the kernel version, but there you go.

Yes, my version OSE.
What is PUEL version? I’ve never heard about it.

BTW: What do I have to do if I want to use the rpm of SUN?

The PUEL version is the one from Sun. PUEL = Personal Use and Evaluation License. It has a few proprietary features so is not Open Source Edition. See the VirtualBox site for an explanation. Go back to post #2 for how to install the PUEL version. If you don’t need the extra features, be happy with OSE.

Thanks for the explanation!