VirtualBox unable to install Win XP

When I click on “Start” on the VBox screen to install xp It can’t find a bootable disk. I get this msg. I’ve enabled the dvd drive in the vbox system. Any Help is

Oops, Running OS 11.1 - 64, and VB 2.1.0

Cannot open host device ‘/dev/sr0’ for read/write access. Check the permissions of that device (’/bin/ls -l /dev/sr0’): Most probably you need to be member of the device group. Make sure that you logout/login after changing the group settings of the current user (VERR_ACCESS_DENIED).
Unknown error creating VM (VERR_ACCESS_DENIED).

Result Code:
NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
IConsole {e3c6d4a1-a935-47ca-b16d-f9e9c496e53e}

Have you added yourself to the cdrom group? I know that I couldn’t even play cd’s until I did that. The error message looks remarkably similar to what I saw before setting the correct permissions for the cdrom device.

No it wasn’t. I did add it and rebooted. Still no go.

Try making an .iso of the cd
That was my solution.

isomaster or acetoneISO2

By default you can install XP simple from the CD, but this suse version have a lot of problems with the optical drives. :frowning: So, make an .iso as caf4926 suggested.

OK, finally got xp it install via an “iso”.
Thanks guys, one happy camper now.

Good to hear. Well done.:wink:

Xen. Thats all