VirtualBox stealing focus after last dup

Hi all,

I’ve got an annoying W10 guest that’s stealing my host focus after the last distribution upgrade. Each time I click back in the host, I only have half a second to type, before the focus is back to the guest. The only workaround is to click in the host and quickly Alt-Tab to the window I want to work in. Then I can type, and the input doesn’t go to the guest.

VirtualBox 6.0.8_SUSEr130347, extension pack and guest additions installed.
Tumbleweed 20190630
2D/3D acceleration in VBox deactivated (issue occurs with 2D accel enabled as well).

Any ideas?




Have you successfully updated the VirtualBox Extension Pack from V5.whatever to V6.0.8 ?
Did you also update the Windows 10 Guest Additions from V5.whatever to V6.0.8 ?

Please be aware that, I found the Extension Pack upgrade (on Leap 15.1) to be a bit of a pain – the procedure within the VirtualBox GUI Manager didn’t execute properly – the root password wasn’t being accepted …

  • I had to use VBoxManage from a root CLI – uninstall the old Extension Pack version; perform “cleanup”; and then install the correct Extension Pack version …

Larry Finger just posted a fix. Thank you, Larry!

Thread describing the problem (for the curious):

I had the same stealing focus issue on Leap 15.1.
A YAST update today from the
seems to have corrected this issue.

In Tumbleweed, zypper dup to the 20190713 snapshot fixed the problem without Larry’s patch.

That’s good to hear.