Virtualbox + Starting VM = System Restart

I installed Virtualbox through yast and then installed an operating system. The guest OS will start and when it begins loading all the modules, etc, it restarts my entire computer. Is there a bad configuration or is it something else I need to look at?


Tell us more about your computer. Following is a utility to can help gather the information for you.

H.I. Hardware Information - A Bash script to install and run inxi with default options! - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

I can say that I also use VirtualBox. When you configure a Guest, never give it more that half of all of your memory or CPU power. On occasion, some OS’ may not want to load, but it is very unusual for it to reboot your PC. When I installed VirtualBox, I down loaded the most recent version directly from Oracle which may be a better approach than using YaST, but give us more details on your system setup first.

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I’ve encountered this on windows host

I would say then you need to make sure the guest OS, if its openSUSE, needs to be the final release of openSUSE 11.4 or 12.1. Since it is Windows that blows up, you need to visit the Oracle or even Windows sites to look for solutions. We help with openSUSE and running VirtualBox with openSUSE as a host, but in this case, its hard to help very much and so far you have not provided enough details to help with any openSUSE problem.

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We have a new forum for VM questions that you can find here and its brand new:


Please use it to post any new questions on Virtualizations.

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