virtualbox spying?

so i downloaded whonix from and i use it to get past some blockers in school to check social media sites and what not well i downloaded a fresh copy over and over but in the bottom right of kde i have a mic icon and all it says if i put my mouse over it for a second is virtualbox is useing the micraphone and when i close the whonix workstation VM the micraphone icon goes away i went in the settings and just disabled all audio all together in the workstation but this is concerning should i be worried and why dose it need my mic for?

The icon only indicates that the mic has been captured ie usable in the VM if some one is listening would depend on what is running in that VM If you trust whonix then all is well if not??? If you right click the icon there maybe a option to turn the input stream (mic) off

While we are not realy there to help you in braking the rules of the school your are talking about (either you abide to their rules or you change to another school imo), it could be better to ask in the whonix forum.