VirtualBox on Kernel 3.15

I have installed two linux kernels on OpenSUSE 13.1 running KDE 4.13.2.

I have installed VirtualBox from repository

Does this mean I cannot use VirtualBox with the latest stable kernel?

I tried running /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
While running on kernel 3.15, but VirtualBox only runs if I boot the 3.11 kernel.

I can happily run kernel-3.11, because I don’t notice anything better with kernel-3.15 (perhaps much under the hood changes). However I would like to get it working with the latest kernel if possible.

Yes. Those KMP packages are only intended to be used with the kernel shipped with openSUSE 13.1.
And they don’t contain the kernel module’s source code, only a precompiled module, so “/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup” to recompile the kernel module won’t work either.

If you want to use VirtualBox with kernel 3.15, you would have to install it from
But remove the openSUSE packages first before you do that.

OTOH, those KMP packages are actually available for the Kernel:stable repo (where you have kernel 3.15 from) as well:
So add that repo and install the ones for kernel 3.15.

Excellent. Fantastic. Didn’t think to check if there was a repo for that. It makes life so much more easier.

Well, I didn’t know either until now.
The last time I looked (1 or 2 months ago) it failed to build and therefore an ancient (and therefore useless) version was in that repo only.

They where built 17-Jun-2014 14:04, for kernel-3.15.0-1
That’s fortuitous

If only there was a kernel-stable repo for Nvidia also…
The kernel is advancing so fast these days. Staying on 3.11 feels like ancient…

Not quite. They get rebuilt regularly, especially whenever there is a new kernel in Kernel:stable of course (this happens automatically).

Somebody fixed the build recently though it seems (I don’t know when exactly), because as I said they were not available when I last looked because of build failures.

If only there was a kernel-stable repo for Nvidia also…
The kernel is advancing so fast these days. Staying on 3.11 feels like ancient…

Well, the problem is that the nvidia driver may not be hosted on OBS.

So somebody at openSUSE builds the driver packages, sends them to nvidia, and somebody there has to copy them to the repo. (I don’t know the exact workflow though… )

And apparently the involved people don’t want to do this every few days whenever there is a new kernel in Kernel:stable…

But as the nouveau driver is getting better all the time (especially with Kernel 3.15/16), the nvidia driver might not even be that mandatory any more.
You might want to consider upgrading to the latest Xorg/Mesa/nouveau packages in [NOPARSE]X11:XOrg[/NOPARSE] as well for best results I suppose.

OTOH you can of course also install and setup dkms, this will rebuild the nvidia kernel module automatically whenever there is a kernel update.
But I don’t know whether the nvidia driver works at all on kernel 3.15 yet. In the past it always took some weeks for nvidia to catch up when a new major kernel version was released.