VirtualBox not at Version 5.2.20 yet

What are the plans to get VirtualBox 5.2.20 for the Tumbleweed repos?

Just asking, thanks. I currently need to run my VMs on Manjaro only, which has 5.2.20. Normally, I like the safety of having two Linux distros running the same software.

Because it fails:

Maybe try the one from Virtualizations Repo:

Thanks for that information. Hadn‘t checked there, but saw the errors reported here in previous posts; and saw Leap being at 5.2.20.

Of course, I am (1) patient, (2) grateful to and full of respect for all the devs‘ hard work, (3) loyal to the great Tumbleweed.

For End Users,
IMO it’s more useful to point them to the repo URI rather than the OBS project.

As of this moment, Virtualbox 5.2.20 is available in the Virtualization repo for Tumbleweed, you can add the repo with the following command

zypper ar -f Virtualization_repo


Which implies changing an openqa tested version for an untested one.

People should know that no matter what virtualization technology you may be talking about, anything from the Virtualization repo should be considered more on the edge, less tested and riskier than anything that comes from the OSS.

So, if something breaks,
Be prepared, and the possibility you’d want to re-install packages from the OSS if what comes from the Virtualization repo doesn’t work.