VirtualBox installation

Hi, there!
I had deinstalled VirtualBox 4.3 in order to install VirtualBox 5.0.
But now, I cannot install any version of VirtualBox:

A problem that we were not expecting has occurred.
Please report this bug with the error description.
Installation aborted by user

I tried to install several VirtualBox versions, but always I get same response:
“Installation aborted by user”

Could you help me?
Thank you, in advance.

How are you trying to install it, and where do you get that error message?
Sounds like Apper/PackageKit. Apparently you install it by clicking on the downloaded package, and there is some conflict.

Use zypper or rpm on the command line instead, something like “sudo zypper in VirtualBox.rpm”, you should at least get a more detailed error message then.
Or use the 1-click install to install the openSUSE package from the Virtualization repo:
(click on “Show other versions” and then “Show unstable packages” to see 5.0)

Thank you, very much!
I was trying to install it with Apper.
When I installed VirtualBox by mean “rpm” command, all work fine.