VirtualBox GUI and Qt 4 Settings


My VirtualBox 2.0.2 GUI looks terrible, the colors are so bad that it is almost impossible to see the fonts. I understand that this has to do with the Qt4 settings so I tried to adjust the colors of the fonts using the “Qt 4 Settings” application (which of course looks just as bad as the VB GUI). In the Qt 4 settings application I don’t see an obvious way to change the font color other than using a palette (on the Appearance tab). I’m also instructed I have to use the KDE Control Center to set the palette. In the KDE Control Center I cannot find a way to set any palette. So I’m stuck. Does anyone have any idea of how I can set the font color of my Qt 4 GUIs? I use openSUSE 10.3 and KDE 3.5.7.