Virtualbox / Guest Addtions & Co. Where ?

Hi there,

I am using Virtualbox now since 2 years and its working quite well, but there is one thing which is always causing trouble:

The GuestAdditions for the client and the VM Virtualbox Extension for the Host. Either they don’t fit together, 2 screens not fully supported etc. etc.

Last week I had enough and installed the Oracle VB, the Oracle Extension and the GuestAdditions for both Guest OS’s that I use . OS13.1 and Win 7 64 pro.

Well, I first had to manually install several MB of software on the OS 13.1 guest: the GCC & co. and Make & friends and Source code for the kernel (sorry have forgotten the name of that package as I usually do need it ) to make the guest additions run, but afterwards everything worked , though I now always have the Oracle logo on the screen whenever I start a new guest session. The Orcale Guys have done a good job.

Is there no way to get this also from the Open Suse distribution? I want to support Open Source and I want to support and use OpenSuse, not Oracle. And as Oracle is an US company and this Guestadditions and the Extension are NOT Open Source … who knows what those US guys with the big ears and the support of the secret court have forced Oracle to install in this proprietary software ( Digital big ears I assume …)

Yes, I have read the official OpenSuse documentation and … I simply want to know :

  1. Where is the Download site where I can get the VB Extension for OS 13.1 which are not Oracle branded ?
  2. Where is the Download site where I can get the VB GuestAdditions for OS13.1 which are not Oracle branded ?


On Fri, 23 Oct 2015 12:16:01 +0000, J0EE0J wrote:

> 1. Where is the Download site where I can get the VB Extension for OS
> 13.1 which are not Oracle branded ?

The extensions are proprietary, and you can only get them from Oracle.
That’s by design.

> 2. Where is the Download site where I can get the VB GuestAdditions for
> OS13.1 which are not Oracle branded ?

Install the virtualbox-guest-kmp package for your kernel in the guest.


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Open your Guest
In the menubar for your Guest,
Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image…

After you select that, you’ll likely see a warning about the virtual CDROM already mounted, accept the warning and proceed…
After that has completed, you should be able to open the File Manager in your Desktop and point to the CDROM where you’ll find packages and scripts for installing the Guest Additions that match your VBox version.


Hi Tsu,

perhaps you can help me with my issue as well.
When I open Menu/Devices in my VirtualBox machine running Windows 8 Pro (I am waiting to receive my DVD-DL dvds from Amazon in order to update to Windows 10) and choose “Insert Guest Additions CD Image” and press enter the system (openSUSE Leap 42.1) says in cannot detect the ISO image and asks me if I want to download it from the internet.
I did that and burnt the image onto a dvd which I then mounted.
Still the system can not detect it! As there are no installations paths mentioned in preferences I wonder where I have to copy the ISO image in order to be detected by my system.

First, you can create your own Win10 upgrade ISO yourself for free, click on the <second> button for “Tool” bottom half of this page

When you wish to mount <any> DVD in your Guest, don’t use a physical disk.
Store all your ISO images in a folder, then
In your Guest Settings, configure the Guest DVD to point to the ISO file instead of your physical DVDROM. Your DVD access will be much faster and more convenient.

But, specifically for your Guest Additions, see my previous post. Virtualbox provides you with a menu selection which will automatically unmount your Guest DVD (if necessary) and remount already pointing to your Guest Additions ISO. Do that, and wait a few seconds. For most Desktops, the Desktop will detect the “new” DVD image and offer to view in your File Manager.

You can then copy the necessary files to your Guest virtual disk so you don’t have to mount the ISO to gain access to files to re-install your Guest Additions in the future.

Note that you should generally always install your Guest Additions (not Host Additions) this way so that your Guest Additions version is always in sync with your Virtualbox version (which may update to a new version from time to time. In that case, you’ll again have to mount the Guest Additions image to get the new files). Don’t download Guest Additions from any other source, it may not match (Host additions is a different story, must be downloaded from Oracle). If you don’t have DKMS installed, you’ll also have to re-install Guest Additions every time the Linux kernel is upgraded to a new version.