Virtualbox guest additions: can't download or install iso

Tumbleweed KDE Plasma host with new installation of virtualbox with windows 10 guest installed successfully.

I installed the extension pack successfully as well.

“Insert guest additions cd” says it can’t find the image and asks if I want to download it but it never works.

I was able to download the iso in windows 10, mount the iso, and then install guest additions but nothing happens when I do that.

I’ve read through all the wikis I could find but can’t get this to work.

This might help you,

Those instructions are for an opensuse guest.

In my post I state that opensuse is the host and windows 10 is the guest.

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Ok, I got it working but I have no idea how. I downloaded the iso on the opensuse host and then added it to the virtual disc drive. Then downloaded on the windows guest and installed it after mounting the iso and somehow it’s working.

Not sure what I did right but it’s working.