virtualbox guest addition tools with gnome shell?


I was wondering if and how i could install the guest addition tools with the gnome shell ui.
I run vboxgtk and want to install guest addition tools on my windows guest but i don’t know where the image is dropped that include the addition tools.
I have installed the guest tools,vboxgtk, virtualbox and everything trough the install software tab in the ui of gnome shell.

You missed something about virtualization: the guest additions belong to the guest, so should be installed in the guest. Start VB, then start the windu VM. On top of it you’ll see the VB menu, browse it and you’ll see an option “Install guest additions”. There’s also the option to configure a virtual CD drive and point to the iso, located in /use/share/virtualbox

I know that guest additions belong to the guest but it need to be on the system for the guest to run it right?
weird things is that it shows installed on the install software window but is not inside /usr/share/virtualbox and the thing is that in gnome shell i don’t see the menu bar of the virtualbox guest when in previous versions of opensuse i never had any trouble installing it or anything.

Ok resolved it.

If anybody has the same problem go to Index of /virtualbox/ click your version of virtualbox, download the guestadditions image there, install it trough the vboxgtk ui.