VirtualBox doesn't start any more


since the last update of Tumbleweed, I could not start a virtual machine any more. I’ve now installed virtualbox-6.1.14-558.3 from the Virtualization repository, because I’ve read, that it should be fixed in this version. But now even the VirtualBox Manager doesn’t start any more. The error message is:

/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox6: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox6: undefined symbol: _ZN17QIDialogContainer20setProgressBarHiddenEb

The symbol resolves to QIDialogContainer::setProgressBarHidden(bool), but setProgressBarHidden is defined neither in QIDialogContainer nor in any of the super classes. Do I have to up- or downgrade another package?

Submit a bug to
Then, try rebooting to a kernel 5.7 (not 5.8) and try re-installing.

You may also want to lock your kernel until the Virtualbox problem is resolved.
Or, better yet if you get a response from your submitted bug, follow what is suggested there.


  • Please check the contents of ~/.config/VirtualBox/
  • Are you familiar with “VBoxManage

If not, please take a look at the Handbook – it’s usually available as part of the installation: /usr/share/doc/packages/virtualbox/UserManual.pdf – you need Chapter 8: VBoxManage.
Or, use the online version: <>.
Please check the loaded Extension Packs – chapter 8.41 – “VBoxManage extpack”:

 > VBoxManage list extpacks

You may have an Extension Pack conflict and will need to use VBoxManage to remove the outdated Extension Pack and install the version 6.1.14 Extension Pack.

There may also be an issue with ~/.config/VirtualBox6rc and ~/.config/VirtualBoxVMrc – they only contain the list of Recent Files and Recent URLs but …

The VirtualBox configuration is held in ~/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml – “VBoxManage” can be used to check if the configuration is OK and change it if need be …

Is virtualbox-qt in the same version as the others?

zypper se -si virtualbox