Virtualbox and shared folders aren't working

openSuse 11.0 x64, v-box 1.6.2 and WinXP as guest with guest additions installed.

Everything else is working except shared folders, I set them up using the the gui and the tree shows the correct directories but nothing shows in “VirtualBox Shared Folders” using Windows Explorer.

If I try using the command line I get an error 67 network name not found using cmd “net use x: \vboxsvr\share”


RESOLVED - found a thread on V-box forums that suggested I reinstall guest additions and then reboot

I did reinstall the guest additions, but i am not being able to use the sharing between the host and guest.

BTW if i start xp mounting the guest addition iso as the cd drive and then do : Devices>install guest addition , nothing happens.
i double click the cd drive in “my computer” and installed the guest additions.

Any idea?

I go hunting on the VityualBox forums :: Index