Virtualbox and kernel 5.18 in snapshot 20220602

Snapshot 20220602 brings in the 5.18 kernel, but a message from Virtualbox maintainer Larry Finger indicates that this kernel doesn’t play well with the current version of VirtualBox:

He suggested incorporation of a kernel patch, but I don’t know if this has been adopted.

Can anyone tell me if VirtualBox is working with the 5.18 kernel and snapshot 20220602? For now, I’m going to wait before I dup.

Should be done:

rpm -q --changelog virtualbox | grep -iB2 1199803
* Fr Mai 27 2022 Larry Finger <>
- Update fixes_for_kernel_5.18.patch to save and restore FPU status during interrupt.
  The change fixes boo#1199803.

It’s fixed, all right! Thank you, Sauerland. I saw Larry’s mailing list post, but not the bug report. I dup’d in the 5.18.1 kernel, and everything seems to be working in VB as before.