VirtualBox 11.1/11.2


On my windows console, i have installed sun virtualbox. I only have 768MB ram and so i downloaded a trial version of eboostr. I thought it would work, but when i tried an install of 11.2, also, i tried a debian install, it did the same thing, it froze up in the middle of the install with the error

unable to allocate and lock memory

. I guess that eboostr doesn’t work, but is there a way to use a flash drive as ram in virtual box?

Thanks in advance

Short answer NO

It may in theory be possible but the limitation of flash memory and the relatively slow speed would make the VM run very very slow.

The basic limitation of flash is that it can only changed about 10K times before it stops working. Also you can not just rewrite a memory location you must erase it first.And on top of it all you can not just erase a single byte but must erase a block which entails copying the block to a new location and erasing the original and copying the new data back.

ok, thank you.

Maybe you can tell me this, I want to put opensuse on a vm, but obviously the computer i am using won’t work. I have a laptop with 3GB memory. If i install opensuse on a vm there, and want to delete it, i will gain my hd space back.

Also, the laptop is running windows 7, will that mess up the service pack install?


Yes. Anf if you create a virtual machine whith “Dynamically expanded storage” (the default) it will only take the space which is really used on your disk. So you can safely take 20 GB.
Also you can copy the virtual machine on another machine and use it from there. The VM is just a file.

Also, the laptop is running windows 7, will that mess up the service pack install?

I don’t see why it would do that.

The OP is worrying about a problem that can occur in real installs when grub is on the MBR is can prevent windows service pack updates (in some cases).

Virtual Box and virtual machines, will not, cannot, cause any such issues.

Ok, thank you again.