Virtual Server on Suse

Hello all, I was using CentOS before I met with openSuse. I really like opensuse better than centos because I had a lot of problems on centos. I host a few domains virtually. I was using Webmin + Virtualmin on CentOS but as I read that Virtualmin GPL (free) is not supported on opensuse 11. Anyway, my question is:

Is there any other free applications similar to Virtualmin for opensuse to setup virtual servers (web,mail,ftp)?

Honestly, I really don’t know of anything. CentOS is pretty much the number one OS these days for control panels. For example, WHM previously officially supported Fedora and Suse - but now they only support CentOS. I did see this discussion with one of the Virtualmin developers, and they have no plans to support Suse, though he does say that a manual install of it should work with with Webmin - though to be blunt this is really probably not something you want to tackle.

SLES 11 | Virtualmin

One other option - this might be a bit Corney though, is to use Suse as the base OS and then just run a Virtual Machine with CentOS. However, that begs the question really - what’s the point.

If you want a control panel I would suggest getting a Virtual Private Server running CentOS with a hosting provider and running the panel of your choice.

Others may vehemently disagree, but thats my 2 cents.


Thanks for your suggestions. I don’t know why they don’t support suse, I really believe that suse is the number one distro… it is secure (w/Novell) and it is more reliable than others. Centos seems to be simple for me, I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable with it.

Another thing is that the company which I work for will be switching on Suse in a few months. I need to check all the possibilities on it. I like Webmin, it works fine on suse but what if I want to add some virtual servers on it? It is very simple to do that with Virtualmin but it’s hard to set it up manually. Also, some of my clients ask for Virtualmin. I really need to have that or something similar.

You can’t use the module for webmin? There is an rpm;

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What about ISPconfig?
ISPConfig - OpenSource ISP management and Hosting Control Panel

I did try it when it was but it was kinda crude then or at least less intuitive for me. Now the version is 3 and looks more interesting.

On howtoforge there are tutorials for installation and setup, and look up on their website the documentation.

Other commercial and free ones: cPanel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Regarding webmin: I do not remember if I had to tweak or not the module config for apache2 on opensuse 11.x but sure it was necessary on sles 9 and still didn’t get all the features working correctly.

I know this is not really in line with giving up an answer for a good control panel for virtualization of container VMs on Suse, but I just thought I’d mention this product:


Runs on CentOS and support pretty much all the popular hypervisors. I did a test cluster using this and found it to be quite good really. It is a commercial product, but the pricing was not bad at all.

If you really want to most options for control panels and VPS managements options, I am afraid CentOS just has a lot more available at this time. You could just run the VMs on CentOS and have the rest of your servers be Suse. I use them both and find each to be excellent.


Virtualmin’s RPM package has solved all my problems :slight_smile: Thank you very much for all the information.

I have also tried ISPConfig but it is more complex to install it than Virtualmin. Virtualmin is working fine, I created www, dns, and mail servers easily.