Virtual PDF Printer

Virtual PDF Printer for linux 11.1
I and A idt!
Virtual PDF Printer

I recall this thread:
pdf printing - openSUSE Forums

Does this mean you succeeded ?

no I did not
What I so I have to set save ever time!

I may took a right when I sould have left

I looking the intsalling a virtural printer the put the file in a file alto and it is save in as a pdf!
I you software that can only right to a print and save option

Printing to a “printer” icon is an MS-Windows way of doing things.

In Linux one can typically select “print to a file” and the file will be saved as a post script file. And in the case of KDE, one can also select a box so that the file is printed as a pdf file.

I don’t see the problem with the Linux way of doing that. I find limitations in the Window way (with some Windoze applications) which irritates me.

I like to have a let printer that will porint pdf to a folder and have it set up before and I just print to the folder\

Typically the default prints to /home/yourusername.

You can keep that /home/yourusername folder clean all the time, … print there, and when done printing your various jobs, drag and drop the pdf files to your longer term storage folder.