Virtual OpenSuse on Windows Host - Bad Network


I just intalled OpenSuse 11.2 on VmWare Server 2.0.2, the network is configured as Bridged and is sucefully configured a fixed IP in my network.

Ok… The problem is… I can ping / trace all addresses from OpenSuse console. But I Can’t wget all of them… It’s a random thing.

the same address that trace’s ok, don’t work for HTTP.

I’ll be very thankfull for any ideas.

(sorry my english, i am from Brazil)

Thanks in advance,

I would use Virtual Box for sure.

Are you connected to a router which handles your internet connection or is
your internet connection done with dsl modem or something else.

If you are not using a router this might be a problem. Can you, just to
check what happens, change the vmware setting to NAT (and instead of using a
fixed ip adress use dhcp) and see if the problem remains?