Virtual on virtual - VBox / Win 7 / XP Mode

Has anyone gotten XP Mode to work in Win 7- while Win 7 is running in VBox?

Everything installs seemingly error free- XP Mode, and the two updates. I then start Win XP Mode. The computer goes through 25 minutes or so of setting up XP mode for ‘first use’. At the end, a message appears: “Could not complete setup. Please try again”.

In Win7, I’ve removed XP Mode from Programs and Features, and reinstalled. No change. :frowning:

Using 11.3, Oracle/Sun VBox 3.2.8 with guest additions, and Win7 Ultimate with the three required downloads (after selecting Win7 Ultimate 32bit and English) Download Windows XP Mode

Thank you

So danperecky you want to run a virtual Windows XP session running under a Virtual Windows 7 Ultimate session in VBox? Why? If you could get this to work, it would have to be the slowest computer ever seen in the world, just slightly faster than halted I would guess. Good luck, but I am thinking Windows 7 is going to need to be real and not virtual for this to work.

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Windze as someone once aptly said, is a virus magnet. So if it can be isolated in a VBox- that helps immensely. If needed, more hw can be thrown at it (when I get the $$).

A VM in a VM is just not going to work.

Why not just make a XP VM Then you can have a Win7 and XP VM guest running on a Liunx Host, assuming you have enough memory.

gogalthorp wrote:

Why not just make a XP VM Then you can have a Win7 and XP VM guest running on a Liunx Host
That would work. A little problem I have is that I lost my XP cd. I’m usually careful about these things, but it got lost in the move somewhere. XP is not sold any more, AFAICT.

Speaking of Virtual on Virtual… I am probably very naive and uninformed… but to me it seems that right now, Win7 running in VBox ‘thinks’ it has total control of a primary pc partition, with all associated hw and drivers to run them. VBox/Win7 is running fine so far. Being it as it may, it seems to me that, at least in theory, that there would be no problem to add another layer of virtualization on top of that(?) This may be a stretch… but if it is, I’m thinking that it’s not a big stretch.

The VM is running in a virtual machine. ie at least some of the hardware is not real. Also in order to do VM’s you need special instruction on the CPU and I doubt they would support VM in VM. there are also different levels of VM-ness. Some VMs run closer to the metal then others.

You can still get an XP disk here, Don’t know how long that will last

Windows XP, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Server at

VMs run require special CPU instructions and I doubt that that would allow VM in VM